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Team Coaching
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Accelerate Performance

How To Elevate Your Teams

Healthy and resilient teams are critical to the success of any organization. Building and continually reinforcing teams that are energized, engaged, innovative, open-minded, diverse, fair, inclusive, and effective requires a sustainable, system-wide perspective and solutions-focused approach.


To contribute to a great team, you need to start with yourself. I offer team and group coaching that creates leadership-at-every-level. Creating self-awareness and focus on personal leadership is where it starts for everyone at any level. Additionally, building psychological safety as the foundation enables trust, integrity, commitment, and accountability. These pillars of a functional team are true game-changers for your business and organization, and imperative for sustained, positive change.

 Ready to discover and elevate your leadership
and team to the next level?

Understanding Team Energy and Dynamics

One of the most powerful indicators of a successful team and organization is relational energy. Energy network mapping identifies relational energy in organizations and is now at the forefront of organization research and development. Uncover the energy networks in your organization and within your teams. Understand what high energizers are doing, and look to leverage those strengths to  increase engagement, create better relationships, support innovation and creativity, and generate even more collective positive energy for attracting and retaining top talent.

Building a Team Culture Through Trust & Allyship

Mostly we are groomed from childhood to compete and succeed as individuals. In the work setting, individualism doesn’t work well and it’s difficult to shift from being an all-star individual to being a member on a team. To create successful, inclusive, and winning teams a new and different approach is needed, and psychological safety is the foundation. I use several proven approaches to create stronger teams, including Shift+ 360 feedback system that creates trusting transparency, opens up individual strengths, and builds a human network of "allyship" through usable, everyday tools for team members and leaders.

Unlock a New Level of Leadership Within You

Our new world of work requires resilient, agile, and mindful individuals who can come together effectively to achieve goals in the face of uncertainty and disruption. Creating leaders throughout the organization is now imperative and my team coaching programs get at the heart of leadership and builds strong teams
of trust, healthy conflict, commitment, accountability, and the ability to drive positive results. The idea of leadership

at every level helps to create a culture

that not only retains top talent, but continually attracts it. 

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