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Executive Coaching

The Positive Leadership Difference

Elevate Your Leadership Energy

Working one-to-one with each client, I offer coaching from a positive leader framework that unlocks bigger potential, creates a stronger growth mindset, and opens up organizational leadership at a whole new level. What got you here may not get you to where
you want and need to be in the new world of work.


Coaching is about creating a space for yourself to really dig in deep and figure out what your next steps are toward goals, resolving challenges, and moving you and your organization to the next level. Your personal energy and vitality as a leader is now the

biggest indicator of leadership success and it's critical for you to understand

your own energy, and the energy networks within your organization. 


My coaching can help you unlock new ideas, obstacles and blocks, blind spots you didn't know existed, and most importantly, help you uncover the positive relational energy

you need to create an organization with greater results, more engagement,

diversity, inclusion, and equality, AND greater health and well-being.

Understanding the Energy of You

We discover the foundational energy of who you are and how you are showing up in your environment.

Even senior leaders have blind spots and can improve, coaching at this level helps to create more self-awareness of your strengths and positive energy areas, and where your low energy resides, what triggers it and the impacts of both, and how to shift for forward progress.

Your energy consists of physical, mental, emotional, and relational. Let's dive in and look at each area and really understand your leadership vitality.

Prepare for a Growth Mindset

Do you have a fixed mindset or a growth mindset? Understand better where you fall and how to move into and stay within a growth mindset through understanding your personal leadership energy levels better. 

Science now shows how our brains remain malleable well into mature adulthood, however many of us
are not open to learning and it's a 

true blindspot for us. I use intentional exercises with you to move beyond the myth and limiting belief of, “I am who I am. I can’t change at this stage.”

Unlock a New Level of Leadership Within You

Fully understand your energy leadership ripple effect and whether intentionally or unintentionally you’re an energizer to your teams or a de-energizer. 

For this, I use a different type of 360º feedback system called Shift+ (ShiftPositive) and we start with this tool
to ignite the human system of supporters around you, your allies. It’s transparent -yes, you heard me correctly-you and the team members giving you feedback are known to each other…a VERY different approach that gets to the heart of
success support and TRUST!

Ready to elevate your leadership to the next level?

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