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Safe Working Environment

Organizational Culture Creation & Change

The Heartbeat of the Organization

How to Create the Right Culture

Creating or changing a company culture is at the heart of what a leader does for their organization. It's imperative to have the right people to execute the right strategy, but without the right culture for people to flourish in their work, the failure rates
of successful change strategies are very high.


For this reason, creating and setting the pace for the right culture to align to the
vision and mission of the company is the most important thing a leader can do.
Driving results is dependent upon healthy, performing teams and I specialize in helping leaders create and/or change company culture for their organizations.
This includes creating awareness and understanding that there is never just one culture and that each leader has their own uniqueness and strengths
which can be leveraged for creating and sustaining a healthy,
thriving organization that people want to work within
and stay to grow as individuals.


"Culture eats strategy for breakfast." -Peter Drucker

Building the Foundation
Creating the Right Culture

Just as a house needs a solid foundation before anything else can be built, this is also true for a company, a solid base must be created to inform and build culture over time. Aligning company vision, mission, and values is the first step, and then analyzing current-state to future-state is where the magic happens. Using several proven methods, I help companies simply and effectively create and/or change the culture needed to achieve their goals. In my workshops and coaching I include evidence-based methods, tools, and actions centered in positive organizational psychology to assist in creating a culture of positive leadership, team allyship, and high engagement and retention.

The Learning Organization
Creating Growth Mindset

Bringing awareness to a growth mindset versus a fixed mindset can be one of the most important steps to organizational culture building and/or change. This is another foundational building block to a healthy and high-performing organization. When employees, teams, and leaders awaken to this realization of growth through continual learning and openness, the shift in positive performance can be dramatic. Through applying decades of research from positive psychology, I bring forward simple ways to start shifting towards a growth mindset and ultimately creating a learning organization full of positive energizers and allies.

Psychological Safety
Creating Trust

Culture change and/or creation is at the core of any organization's survival let alone its success. Creating a culture of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging is critical in today’s work environments. Plus add in creating a culture of high engagement, innovative thinkers, meaning and 

purpose, attracting and retaining high performers, you have a real challenge. My coaching and workshops focus on how to successfully create psychological safety to form trust as the basis for important cultural shifts.  To be effective, change requires speed, flawless execution and buy-in at all requires trust at all levels! Learn more about my services and programs to accelerate organizational change and culture building.

Ready to elevate your leadership
and company culture to the next level?

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