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About Laurie &
Greater Good Leadership


Dr. Laurie Addison

Executive & Leadership Development Coach

Laurie understands the power of taking action firsthand. With over 30 years of corporate hands-on experience, she has been an executive leader, and team member, driving profound breakthroughs that have been immensely impactful on business results and human systems within organizations.


As an executive and leadership development coach, facilitator, speaker, consultant, and professor, Laurie is an authority in organizational leadership, positive change management, and positive psychology coaching. Combining real-world experience with advanced education, Laurie brings a unique and powerful perspective to help her clients not only improve results and meet goals, but exceed and drive to unexpected levels both professionally and personally.  

Laurie founded Greater Good Leadership with the knowledge that leadership is a "ripple effect." Organizational leaders create their own ecosystems and spheres of influence and they have a rippling energy-impact on those around them, whether intentionally or unintentionally, negative or positive, so it is key to create more awareness in leaders and help them create a positive-energy ripple for greater impact and results. People want to work for energizing leaders who create organizations of trust, belonging, meaningful work with personal rewards and also for greater purpose connected to local and global communities, and to help improve our ever-growing fragile environment...leadership for the greater good of all around them.
Laurie has a PhD in Organizational Leadership & Change, a post-doctorate in Positive Organizational Psychology, an MBA/Masters of Business Administration, and a BS in Marketing. Her mission is to bring top-level, evidence-based coaching and facilitation to executives, leaders, and students to not only strengthen the individual, but the entire organization through the “positive-energy leadership ripple effect.”

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