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Your Leadership Matters...
Now More Than Ever.

It starts with you! Transform yourself to transform your organization and the world
around you.


Executive Coaching, Leadership Development,
& Positive Organizational Change

by Dr. Laurie Addison

Leadership is Demanding More of Us . . .

Organizations require a new type of leader who understands how to truly lead in the new world of work. We need leaders with high self-awareness, empathy, high EQ, and a broad view of the rapidly changing world around us. The new world of work means being highly adaptable and leading positive change in challenging environments. Some of these challenges include environmental, economic, political and social disruption, digital transformation, diversity, equity, and inclusion, cross-generational and cross-cultural workforce dynamics, and pandemic management with new physical and mental workplace needs.


  • As an existing leader, how are you doing in these areas?

  • As an aspiring, or new leader, are you prepared?

  • Do you have the right presence, the right energy, and understand your own leadership impacts on others?

  • Do you know your personal leadership ripple effect? 

Delivering the same or greater results just got a lot more complex. Greater Good Leadership can help you step-up your leadership and meet today's, and tomorrow's challenges with greater well-being for you, your teams, and beyond. YOU can be the creator of positive and lasting change for the greater good of all around you.


What the Research is Saying

The 2021 CEO Leadership study highlights four stand-out findings:

  • Complexity and rapid change are reshaping business AND the CEOs role.

  • It starts with you-CEOs recognize they must change themselves to change the world.

  • CEOs sense their goal is prosperity for the many-but most are far from achieving it.

  • CEOs are expanding their capacity to be adaptive, relational, and self-aware.

"The chief indicator of effective leadership is positive energy, especially positive relational energy. Energy is more powerful in accounting for the performance of employees and of the organization than are influence, information, and most other motivators used to induce high performance."

Respondents in a recent LinkedIn survey reported the pace of change as a key trend shaping the future of leadership. "Leadership that prioritizes people, purpose, and agility will come out ahead."

Over 80% of executives believe that the ability to lead through complexity and ambiguity is now a unique leadership requirement. Facing new pressures to move faster and adapt to a far more diverse workforce, 80% believe they need to develop leaders differently.

What I Offer & Deliver


Coaching is the key to sustainable, positive, impactful change. It continually supports successful change as it addresses what is blocking and preventing it.


"Laurie uses her strengths in a way that makes those around her better - not just feel better, but BE better."

Vice President, Global IT

"Laurie asks questions and digs deep...her greatest strengths include listening and providing genuine feedback. Her questions make you think deeply!"

Corporate Marketing & Event Executive

"Laurie is extremely positive in everything – professionally and personally.

A core strength is her ability to coach."

Director of Marketing

What leaders I've worked with say...

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